Weight Loss Foods To Add To Your Daily Diet

  • Apples: Apples are the perfect fruit which are high in fibre and helps you suppress your hunger due to which you can lose weight. Moreover, chewing on an apple gives a sense of realisation and satisfaction that your body is eating well which helps to sustain the hunger.
  • Grape Fruit: If you are diabetic, grape fruit proves to be the best fruit for you. As per research it has been well proved that consuming half a grape fruit of drinking a glass of grape fruit juice prior to a meal has helped people get rid of their obesity. However it is advisable to check with your physician before trying this out as grape fruit can counter react with your medications.
  • Nuts: It is always advisable to keep a handful of nuts in your bag or purse at all times since it proves to be a great option to snack on. Especially when you run out of healthy snacks, a handful of walnuts, pecans, almonds or peanuts prove to be helpful. Research has also proved that people who consume a handful of nuts frequently tend to eat less at later meals.
  • Beans: This is an inexpensive, filling and highly nutritious source of protein. Beans are also rich in fiber and they are slow with regards to getting digested. Hence you feel full for a longer period of time and tend to eat less.
  • Soups: Ensure to start your meal with a cup of soup. This fills your stomach due to which you end up eating less. Do not worry if you soup is chunky or pureed, but all you need to ensure that it is broth based. Try to maintain a calorie count to 100 to 150 a serving.

By ensuring to add the above mentioned foods to your daily diet, you can provide your body with healthy fibers and protein which are essential towards weight loss. Nevertheless also by consuming an effective fat burning supplement called Garcinia Cambogia Pure Select you can manage to get rid of the extra obesity and live a healthy and fit life.

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